Pay-Per-Click Advertisement

Through targeted PPC campaigns our professionals are able to put our client’s websites in front of their ideal consumer. Our real time keyword analysis allows us to pick the right words to advertise for at the optimal times and ideal locations.

Google AdWords

Vervo Digital takes a unique approach to Google AdWords management. Our team starts with keyword research, and then creates an entire paid sales funnel that leads right to your ideal client. For Google AdWords campaigns, our team has an average conversion rate of 24.56% for the year of 2022 across all of our clients. Compare this to the average of 4.40% across all industries. Ultimately, one out of every four website visitors are contacting our clients via text, phone, or form fill.

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are essential when building your online presence, and capitalizing on previous website visitors. At Vervo, our team tracks and stores user data over time to build live audiences within Google Analytics. These audiences can then be utilized to run social media ads, display Google Ads, and more straight to people who have previously visited your website. We even have the ability to run ads directly to those who have visited only a specific page.

LinkedIn Ads

Our team leverages LinkedIn ad campaigns for our professional service clients to put them in front of their ideal audience at just the right time. Often times we will use LinkedIn ads in conjunction with retargeting ads to continue building our saved audience. LinkedIn ads will allow us to narrow our viewing audience using factors such as company position, job industry, education history, and much more. This allows us to really hone in on your ideal client.


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Increase Visibility & Traffic

Vervo Digital works directly with our clients to create effective organic and paid advertising campaigns. To learn more about how our team separates ourselves from the competition, schedule a free consultation.


Private Server Hosting

Vervo Digital hosts all websites on dedicated servers that are not shared with other web hosting patrons. At Vervo, our number one priority is security and compliance.


Transparent Monthly Reporting

Our team always gives our clients a look behind the scenes. At their request, our team will share backend data and explain all metrics via Zoom or video conference.


Data-Driven Strategy

At Vervo Digital, our digital strategies are always dynamic. Our team uses real-time data instead of keyword forecasting which means we always hit our mark.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that we are asked. This is not a fully inclusive list so please reach out to one of our professionals with any other questions that you may have.

Pay-per-click advertising is a strategy that targets a very specific audience in which the advertiser pays out the host platform with every click that the ad receives. A PPC campaign is centered around keyword themes that are relevant to the service or product. PPC campaigns are intended to drive more traffic to your website, generate more qualified leads, and turn more leads into real business.

PPC advertising generates results fast and can be cost-effective when you have the right team behind you. They allow you to specify your target audience and hone in directly on your ideal customer while also choosing the exact amount of money you want to put towards the campaign. PPC campaigns allow you to generate visibility even if your website’s domain authority is low, so they are great if you are looking for traction fast. The effectiveness of the PPC campaign is largely dependent on what the landing page of the ad looks and functions like. A bad user experience will drive traffic away from your site and so it is imperative to maintain the on-site appearance and functionality when running ads.

In order to capitalize on the benefits of PPC advertising you need to take these strategies into account:

  1. Long-tail keyword targeting: These are keywords that are longer and more specific than commonly used keywords. With long-tail keywords you sacrifice search volume for higher conversion values. 
  2. Location specific campaigns: The ads also need to be specific to the locations that you service now or are looking to service in the near future.
  3. Conversion tracking and analysis of key metrics 
  4. Continuity between the physical ad, the searched terms, and the landing page

The answer depends on your specific goals and time frame. If you’re looking for quick results that are transactional, PPC would be the correct choice. However if you’re looking for gradual growth and compounding visibility online, SEO would be a great avenue. Typically, our team will build marketing campaigns that utilize both digital channels.

PPC campaigns are very customizable and allow the advertiser to put together a roadmap around these variables:

1. The ad budget and the breakdown of that budget — With paid ads, one can choose how much of their budget they want to direct towards a given keyword.   

2. The location of the ad — PPC ads also allow for a very specific targeting of the locations of your choice.

3. The timing of the ad — In addition to choosing the location and budget of the campaign, a PPC ad can be placed in front of your target audience at specific times of the day.

4. Demographic targeting — Arguably the most important variable of the PPC campaign is being able to choose the exact customer profile that you intend on targeting. 

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