How can my small business benefit from a website redesign?

Having an SEO compliant and user friendly web interface is paramount to maintaining a reputable business online. The user experience should be fluid and intuitive and allow for easy navigation while on site. More than half of all searches today are done through the mobile phone, and because this is the case it is very important to keep an optimized website across all devices. The majority of consumers today will take a look at a business’s website (especially professional practices such as law firms and medical offices) before they make a decision to book a job or service. Because this is the case, the quality and navigability of a website will make or break a lot of the decision making processes online.

Three components of a well designed and optimized website.

The User Experience

Making a website easy to navigate while also being compliant with SEO guidelines is a difficult task that requires expertise. Our team of professionals at Toggle SEO works diligently to meet all of the requirements of a highly performing website. Cornerstone to turning website traffic in leads is the call to action and making it so that a prospect can fill out the necessary information without any hassle, redirection, or asking too much from them. The process should be quick, easy, and intuitive. This coupled with an SEO or PPC strategy is sure to drive conversion on-site and bring you more business. Providing your website visitors with useful information such as FAQs, blogs, and external links to helpful websites also enhance the user experience (UX).

The Back Link Structure

When another website, a blog, a post, or a press release references back to your site via a link it is called a backlink. Naturally, there are good backlinks and bad backlinks and so you have to know where to acquire the best ones. A digital marketing agency, such as our team at Toggle SEO, creates back-linking strategies for our clients that not only bring more organic traffic to their sites but it raises their Domain Authority (DA). The Domain Authority is an essential component of a website’s ability to rank online; it determines whether or not one site will appear before another site when a specific search query is inputted into a search engine. The higher your Domain Authority is relative to your competition, the better. At Toggle SEO, we feature our client’s websites across press releases, blogs, and other websites in order to drive this crucial metric up and make them more competitive online.

The Site Breakdown

Another essential question to ask is how is the website structured? Is all of the content on one page, or is it distributed across multiple pages? If you have multiple services, then a page for every service would be ideal. The trick is how to layout the pages in a way that encourages interaction, fields questions, and provides enough meaningful and relevant content ( in order to meet the webmaster guidelines ). At Toggle SEO, we build websites that look great, work great, and engage the consumer. This is how we are able to convert traffic into leads at up to 7 times the national average. It is also vital to consider the speed of the website across all platforms. A common mistake is having a fast and optimized desktop website but a slow and un-formatted mobile website. As 61% of all google searches are done on the mobile phone, it is imperative to optimized mobile site. Taking these factors into account is necessary when creating a website that works for your business.

Can your business benefit from a well designed and user friendly website?

We think so. Building a great site increases your business’s perception in the eyes of the consumer and assists in managing your reputation online. It helps create a great first impression that will keep visitors on the site for longer. It creates consistency between the quality of your service and your appearance online so that the image of your business is streamlined. Additionally, it helps facilitate higher conversions that translate into more revenue, it builds credibility, and increases the likelihood of customer retention. Our mission is to make your business goals your reality. Call us today at 864-752-7247 or visit our website and get a FREE proposal.

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