5 Ways that SEO can help your dental practice.

According to a recent press release, 89% of Americans will use Google to do their own research before they consult their doctor. From this, we can assume that the majority of prospective dental patients will do the same. Having an optimized website along with a targeted SEO campaign will allow your practice to appear in front of more of these potential patients. According to another study, the majority of website visitors stay on the page for less than a minute. Because of this, is important to enhance the User Experience (UX) whenever an SEO strategy is implemented. The value proposition should appear within the first 10 seconds in order to decrease the bounce rate. Here are five ways why SEO can help you capitalize on a larger amount of search queries and increase your dental practice.

Here are 5 benefits from SEO that your dental practice can capitalize on.

Becoming a well known local name.

A local SEO strategy will gradually increase your ranking on the Google search engine, and because of this your practice will appear in front of more people over a broader range of search queries. If the prospect visits your site and is met by a great User Experience (UX), then they will potentially schedule an appointment and become familiar with your name. Every positive connection that SEO generates for your business increases the likelihood of an organic referral channel building from it as well. Happy clients bring in more happy clients. A well managed PPC campaign or SEO strategy will keep your practice at the forefront of local search queries, allowing for your practice to constantly dip into the pool of prospects that are near you

Modifying your pricing structure.

Increasing your demand with SEO allows for more flexibility in your pricing structure. Modifying your prices to reflect your exclusivity is a great way to pay yourself and your staff better. An increased top and bottom line gives you the ability to invest more back into your business and elevate the patient experience, and a greater patient experience will drive a higher customer retention rate and encourage referrals. SEO campaigns help you service more people and can assist you in becoming the premium dental practice in your locale.

Stable growth.

Implementing a digital marketing strategy can greatly tighten your control over your business and allow you to grow your company efficiently. A targeted SEO strategy will allow you to hone in on what you do best and expand upon your ideal services. By implementing a local SEO or multi-location targeted SEO strategy, your dental practice will be able to appear in front of more potential patients who are searching in your service area. The result of this is a higher influx of business which makes your service more exclusive.

Managing your reputation.​

Reputation management is a cornerstone to an SEO campaign and working with a team of professionals, like Toggle SEO, will allow you to build and maintain a great reputation online. The higher your reputation, the higher the likelihood of a booked appointment. Managing and responding to reviews is a great way to increase the perception of you company when a potential patient is looking for the best practice to choose.

An excellent Local SEO strategy will increase your visibility on Google Maps.

By optimizing your Google My Business account with a team of professionals, you will be visible on Google Maps and can capitalize on more local search queries. When a potential patient is surfing the web and trying to find a dental practice, it is likely that they navigate to a Google My Business profile where the reviews are visible and where information is easily accessible. Managing this side of your online business is extremely important and highly valuable for establishing new connections.

Can your dental practice benefit from SEO?

We think so. Local SEO can do wonders for your dental practice. In general, SEO can have invaluable & long-lasting effects that make your practice more successful. In addition, it will set the stage for growth down the road so that you can take control of your business, service more patients, and become more profitable. Our team of professionals at Toggle SEO want to assist you in achieving these results. Our mission is to make your business goals your reality. Call us today at 864-752-7247 or visit our website and get a FREE proposal.

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